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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! >> yes. that's -- "paula abdul. >> good news for us. >>. ? hit and run ? >> yeah. all in the kitchen. get to them in a second. and as if you didn't know, it's booze day. spanky tuesday. november 15th. >> that is paula. in case you missed it earlier, a huge, crazy announcement made today that new kids on the
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together in the spring. >> a sea of testosterone. >> called "the total package tour." they're going to be with us for a good part of the show. >> yes. >> introduce a good friend of your yours. don't you, hoda? >> yes, i do. in the back, abby, her friend, i knew abby when she was just a little girl. good friends of myron. battled cancer, back and strong and in >> god bless. >> and if we'd listened to beyonce's "lemonade" album. co-wrote a song with her and now the singer with soothing sound will perform for us later. >> and before the holidays, etiquette rule, traveling, hosting, including doing dishes. had to hold off. all of those things. >> okay. >> all right. you got to pay very close attention. we're going to drop hints of your music in our chat. are you ready? >> yes. >> we're ready.
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tell us which song it's from. okay? >> all right. "people" magazine, guys. i don't know if you've heard. maybe it's you. has named its sexiest man of 2016. >> you know what? everybody's always talking about who's on top. >> ah! >> let's hear it! >> "hanging tough." >> so funny to see their blank faces. all righty. here it is, everybody. the sexiest man alive is -- >> who is it? >> he's such a nice guy. >> what do you think? a good choice? >> that's a good choice. >> pretty sexy. >> yeah. pretty hot. >> okay. >> next up. animated film "moana" hits theaters, and "baywatch" and jumanji remake is coming up. >> nice shot there. >> a nice bicep.
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>> hmm. >> what do you think of nick jonas? >> what does nick jonas got that -- >> some of these guys should be in there. just a few of them. >> anytime a -- >> john-john. >> on the list before! could be relisted. >> oh, yeah. >> he is pretty sexy. >> juan should be on there. come on. >> you know who else? from usa's "mr. robot." andy cohen. >> andy! >> that's a good one. >> and and son stefan and lester holt. >> stefon anchors here in new york. very cute. >> how many on the list? i'm started to get insulted. >> you know what you could do, to not drown your sorrows. just make it a little better. tell them about these new oreo things. >> a new candy bar, you guys. okay? it's called the big crunch. >> as if an oreo isn't enough.
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>> oh! >> break it, baby. here you go. >> need more? >> i'm good. >> oh, you got to, paula, baby. they're not even available yet. >> thank you. >> all right. share amongst yourselves. >> on three. on three you're going to taste them at the same time. ready? we want to see your reaction. everyone get a piece. get a piece. ready? on three -- >> >> all: one, two, three -- >> ain't going to lie. it's good. >> hmm -- >> everybody help us. >> chocolatey. hmm. >> all righty. >> go to -- >> we wanted to -- by the way, we want to give a big thank you to oreo because they sent us these candy bars before anybody. i'm a huge oreo fan. >> this is the one wanted. >> i can't open it. >> why not? >> me either. >> you undersold it. it is so delicious! >> yeah, but you got wine to go with it.
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call add refrigerator. >> oh, snap! >> turn up. >> all righty. >> just so you know -- >> all right. some people like milk. >> yeah. >> i like -- >> won't be. >> and if i take a sip of this. >> here we go. >> show that on the air, honey. uh-oh. too late. >> what else is going on? >> so you know what this is, chocolate bar with an oreo stuck right in the dd >> okay. big crunk. >> wash it down. >> all right. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> there you go, girls! >> did you know that ryan reynolds made another list. >> yep. another one you guys didn't make. >> straight up, kath. tell me. >> "straight up." >> all right. tell me. ? do you really want to love me forever ? ? oh, oh, oh ? in a hit and run ? >> yep. so, are you guys on your tour going to be, like, singing background for the others and
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interact? >> you never know. never know. >> okay. >> choreographed and dancing for sure. >> yeah. >> ryan reynolds not only made "people" magazine's sexiest list also the "gq" man of the year. >> joe mcintyre. >> what he did, revealed his past few years have been a struggle. a after filming "deadpool" he was diagnosed with anxiety and told "gq" sort of a nervous thought he was suffering from a neurological problem. it was anxiety. i completely recognize the ridiculously fortunate position that i'm in, but the attention is hard on your nervous system. by the way, he's like the best, nicest guy. >> he's such a doll. yeah, yeah, yeah. "deathpool" cost $58 million to make. >> get how much it grossed? >> $782 -- >> how did you know? >> talk about the two girls.
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over. the languaong, sad thing is ove. bob guinea is a married man -- again. >> and we just hope that he's saying, tonight is just your night. we're going to celebrate. all through the night. >> you guys didn't know it? ? i'll make love to you ? >> it's the morning. >> i thought you were just doing a segment. >> oh, no, no, no. >> well done. >> those guys are. >> he wed this beautiful -- gorgeous lady canton in mexico over the weekend. we're happy for him. >> this is his third wedding. >> didn't know who he was. here's bob. >> all right. >> what a nice guy. >> speaking of hunky guys -- >> another thing you guys didn't make. >> we have a real calendar. because you know what? these guys got the "right stuff," baby. >> there it is, there it is! ? there it is. >> awesome. >> got to do it.
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calendar. >> show the one you like. >> i like this guy. can somebody get -- >> ah! >> oh. >> that's my favorite. >> squad. show them. >> kuwait goals. >> he's dead serious. >> very funny. benefits -- feeatures the city' most scintillating and good humored cab driver. $14.99, a portion of the sale goes to university -- serves individuals and families in new york city. >> all right. >> oh, god. >> and the thing is, like, listen, uber is killing us. we need a calendar! >> that's right. and lyft, too. >> put it over, everybody's going to start riding cabs again if we get the calendar. trust me. >> are y'all cooking? what are you doing? >> drinking. >> yeah. we're -- >> lg vineyards. >> oh, yeah. >> "dancing with the stars." >> yeah. >> was on last night and olympic
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televisionland and the host even in tears. >> a few months ago shot interviews with family members, including her grandmother, who was in an assisted living facility at the time. well, this week she wanted to dedicate her dance to her grandmother. so take a look. >> i'm very, very, very proud. very, very proud of her. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> my grandma suffering from are -- i kind of feel bad because i've been away so long and haven't really been able to see her as much as i used to, but i think i'm going to see her soon. so -- ? ? i was a little girl alone in my little world ? >> hi, lauren. this is grandma.
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mamita. continue doing the way you want it. fantastic. okay, mama? >> oh, we need some clekleenex thank you, jerry. >> danced right after that interview. >> got perfect 10s. they got it. >> i saw it coming, but, paula, and you guys, too. >> she ended up -- ended up getting perfect 10s. >> again? >> for a 16-year-old to pull it together after she saw that, because she ht piece of tape. >> yeah. >> and, flaanyway -- >> i need to eat chocolate. >> what's been going on? you've been very emotional lately. love you, hodie. >> i know. okay. anyway -- i'll just eat my emotions away. [ laughter ] >> that's what i usually do. >> i'll tell everybody about the new -- this next invention will help you travel, because when
11:11 am
>> all: take two steps forward -- >> i take two steps back! [ laughter ] >> i know that. ? together ? >> we have to crank this one. crank it! ? a matter of fact ? we go together ? >> here we go. yeah, you go. >> there you go! >> suitcase. start on your world tour. it follows you around like a puppy. >> what? >> travelmate robotics created this thing. funding for this, but the suitcase -- >> oh! >> behind the person. >> ridiculous! >> track it with your smartphone. >> exactly. >> how lazy are we? all right? >> i want one of those -- >> come on, man! >> either upright or laying on its side. wow. >> you were left -- >> where do you get it? >> yeah. where do you get it? >> not yet. >> it's the prototype. >> invest in it. >> oh, right. awesome. >> all right. here's a question --
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you? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> ooh. really? >> are there guys shorter than you? >> no. exactly. exactly. >> i never yet met that man. >> yeah. >> but she's -- >> what are -- these are couples. nicole kid naan, evening kidma and keith urban. the study says that shorter guys are more confident, because, number one, theyet confident enough to be standing next to a tall person. >> a foot taller. >> comfortable with your ambition, intellect and talent. >> what about medium height guys? >> what about regular height guys? are we insecure? >> we got issues? >> your sig cant others shorter or taller than you? raise your hand if it's shorter. >> shorter. >> shorter. >> shorter. >> okay. >> some of you don't have one. [ laughter ] >> with heels on.
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>> part of it is, if, you know, someone -- if you're significant other is drowning or there's a fire, you got to be able to carry them out of the fire. you know? [ laughter ] >> so it's a package ego thing >> got to give him them. >> teaming up for one of the biggest tours on the planet. >> boys abdul --
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test test test test test
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. beatbo, what do you know about rabbits? i don't know anything about rabbits, but i do know that when you get your coupon and spend $75 at toys"r"us, you get a $10 gift card to use in december. cool. it's not like there's a whole bunch of rabbits about to sneak up on us. you're funny! uhhhh, eh... there's a rabbit behind me, isn't there? just a few.... and get a $10 gift card to use in december . toys"r"us ...awwwesome! in a few days many of you are going to be traveling to see family or friends, or visiting someone's house for thanksgiving. >> are you ready to handle the mine field of awkward situations that are likely to pop up? >> our --
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exactly, right. stuck in the middle seat on your flight to -- the host start doing dishes while guests are still present? we got you covered with mr. manners. >> thomas farley. >> and friends helping us out. news kids on the block, boyz ii men and paula abdul, who just left. i think she checked out. >> she's mart. >> etiquette. >> hi, thomas. >> what are the most -- the biziests, right, travel daysf seat. >> well, it's if with these guys. >> here's our question -- when you are in the middle seat, there are these armrests and always a battle over the armrest. so -- so how do you decide who gets it? >> all right. >> so we're going to have donny move out of the way and put these back down. so middle person gets the armrest. okay? and -- both armrests. >> no way! >> if you don't like it, i will happily switch with one of you, and you can have --
11:18 am
deal? >> the middle seat is torture. if you want both armrests i will happily switch with you. >> it's a fair guideline. >> do you ever wrestle someone for the armrest? try to claim it. >> no. but i want to know, what if you go and the middle person, you're the middle person you take both and the one makes a -- fight. >> you don't want to engage. engage the flight attendant to help you out there. this is a losing battle. top. some people are shuffling the bag around, trying to jimmy their bag in. >> you mean like hodi? >> i do. i want my in. i'm not checking it. what do you do? >> overhead, stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. be prepared to check your bags on a plane. happening more and more. >> you have to pay for it. >> if you check it at the gate, typically will do it for free. had advance, you're right. you're paying for it.
11:19 am
>> you go as far back as the chair goes and that's the breaks. >> what if someone behind you is working on a computer? >> exactly. >> so what? >> no, no. >> you sound like "seinfeld." >> thomas, hear from the man knows. >> my advice, have the all-clear. make sure there's not a laptop out, a baby, eating, something like that. and do it slowly. t >> that's what i'm saying. >> thomas -- >> most don't work anyway. >> have a good journey. >> oh, wait. wait. look what we have here. >> look who came to din-din. hey, guys! >> hello. >> a beautiful meal. >> yes. >> so should you always show up with a gift, if you show up for someone's, you know, beautiful dinner? >> oh. i think we have a visitor. whom might this be? >> who is it? oh. who is it? [ doorbell ] >> come in. i think it's open.
11:20 am
>> hi! >> hi, paula! >> great. >> paula, good to see you, but i have to give this to you "straight up." >> oh! >> you come in empty-handed. >> and late. >> and late. something we don't want to do. >> i got my phone! >> the phone, definitely put away. yes. exactly. so whenever you're going to someone's home, even if they've told you don't bring anything, bring some kind of gift for the host, but make sure it's not aunt for. you're kpcompeting now. also not something that needs heated up. >> what about a chihuahua. >> oh -- okay. cleared with the host, absolutely. otherwise, you don't want to spring your springer spaniel on a host. >> and guests. guests cannot bring guests, right? >> right. >> don't bring a guest. >> a few seconds left. what if people are talking about the presidential election. that could clear a table in five seconds.
11:21 am
seeing family members with different views from your own. i suggest keep the take a politics-free zone. as hostess, talk about politics, you're going to talk in this room. >> a big surprise here! who saw that coming. happy thanksgiving! . how's the salad? >> happy thanksgiving. thank you, thomas. >> thank you. >> and from thanksgiving to what to serve -- wait until you see what ben is cooking after this. >> timing. and you have it. >> i'm being rude just eating it right off the table. righ ? ?you don't own me? ?don't try to change me in any way? ?oh? ?don't tell me what to do? ?just let me be myself? ?that's all i ask of you?
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it is brain teaser tuesday when we put your minds to work with this riddle from >> here it is. i'm where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow is in the middle. what am i? >> there are people who like this kind of thing. >> besides confused. okay. >> people who roll their eyes. the answer is coming up. plus, we are giving it away. >> and spanky tuesday! and more new kids, boyz ii men and paula abdul. all coming up after your local news. and paula abdul. all coming up after your local news. spin it!
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oh. >> come on! ? step by step ? get to you girl ? >> before the break we gave you a riddle. >> i'm where yesterday follows today and tomorrow is in the middle. what am i? >> we have no idea, but the >> all: the dictionary. >> who's got one of those anymore? >> all right. >> took your time saying that word. [ laughter ] oh! >> in case you missed the big announcement, you guys, earlier, news kids on the block, surprised fans, with a news they are going to be heading out on tour beginning next may. >> jordan knight, joey mcintyre and danny wood are not alone. jumping on the magical tour bus,
11:31 am
sean stockman, d'juania morris. >> and to really blow your mind, none other than paula abdul -- >> ooh! >> first tour in 25 years. who's idea was this? >> paula's. >> oh is that -- >> raise your hand if it was your idea. >> never. >> no? >> paula kicked it off, because she reached out about wanting to tour again and we were talking about going out again. >> oh, it was paula. donny. we both presented at the american music awards. >> together. >> yeah. >> and you guys thought this might work? >> she planted it, and -- >> that seed that you plant. >> yeah. >> seeds were planted. >> you know what it's like to tour. you know how grueling it can be and it's 25 years later. right? >> don't tellmy body that. >> for boyz ii men, together since high school? >> yes. >> ever get sick of each other.
11:32 am
mirage, a residenty there. about 3 1/2 years now and get tired of it pretty quick. >> but i'm excited, because i have eight amazing men in my life. >> yes, you do. yes, you do. >> we brothers. >> brothers. >> how's it going to work? are you going to sing your hits? sing backup? all sing together? do you know yet what it's going to be? >> we all got to sing our hits. right? >> right. and others join in? >> about 732 number one hits between the three acts. so we've got a lot ofec >> a long concert. >> there's no backup singers here. paula is a star in her own right, boyz ii men one of the greatest singing groups in history and, you know, new kids are new kids and we're going to have a good time and all bring -- one thing we really focus on, giving people their money's worth. we all put a lot of effort into this tour. we're going to work so hard. people spend their hard-earned money to come to our concert they have to leave happy.
11:33 am
>> the thing you all have in common is your fans are crazy. >> insane. >> they're crazy. >> all of these years later, whenever you come and perform outside they pack the plaza. it's always a huge event and they've never left you. >> a nice thing. >> crossover fan bases or every has their own? >> absolutely. i think we all come from pretty much of the same generation personally ourselves and our fans. they all grew up on the same type of music, which makes this whole amalgamn everybody know's everybody music. not a dull moment. >> an "ellen" game calmed "never have i ever" completely forgotten the lines of a song? >> oh, man. >> everybody has. >> everybody has. yes. >> oh. >> yeah. not when you -- >> except -- >> i forgot lyrics on the stage. >> i just do the background. >> song for mama, my guy, they sang for me. >> ah.
11:34 am
something else. i make up another song. >> resorted to taking their iphone out onstage and -- >> make believe you're taking selfies but it's really the lyrics. >> never vie evr >> never have i ever fallen in love at first sight? >> what does that mean exactly? >> oh, then you haven't. >> next. never have i ever been in an embarrassing video uploaded on >> paula has. i would like to hear that story. >> never have i ever looked through -- >> simon cowell, for example. >> oh, yeah. >> i thought you meant naked or something. >> never have i ever used a band mate's toothbrush? >> never. >> by accident. >> yeah. >> what about underwear? underwear has happened. >> oh! >> a shower. >> a fun tour.
11:35 am
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11:40 am >> and welcome, everybody. >> using kale in two ways? >> yes. >> what we're doing. ben's first? >> so this is a, going to do a kale souffle, cheese and leeks in it. i start with garlic, onions and some of the leeks we've sauteed down here. >> delish. >> move over. a little roux. roux is basically flour and butter. and the milk. add some of the cheeses, knelt down. get something that looks a lot like this. >> delicious. >> or something like this. correct? going to take it and fold it in. >> what do you have in there along with the, along with the leeks and stuff? what's the green? >> sorry. i took the kale -- thank you for that. the core ingredient. cooked it down with a little
11:41 am
mix that in. >> all right. >> wonderful addition of egg whites. fluffiness. makes it rise. turn that in. gets folded in. by hand. >> he's that kind of guy. like that. >> and fold that in, like that. get a beautiful souffle. a prepared dish. put it inside of. >> all right. >> let it raise. this is what you're going to get over here. let me give you the -- >> ooh, beautiful. >> preview. >> the pretty one. we know pretty food tastes right? >> yeah. delicious. >> oh -- good. >> right now it is serie's turn, making a kale salad. >> based on a restaurant i love in l.a. called love and salt. the best part about it, toasted bread crumbs. took a baguette, put it in a food processor, nice and crunchy. toasting in olive oil and now i'm going to toast my prosciutto in the same pan. >> uh-huh. >> that will bet that nice and crispy also.
11:42 am
don't want to use prosciutto. >> and over here, add pepperoncinis. >> hot peppers. >> and some kalamata olives and the food processor is the star of the dish. gets everything uniform, which i love in salads. everything is one uniform bite. >> right. okay. >> crumble that. and it sort of looks like this. >> yeah. >> you're all done. now we're going to make our dressing. this is re olive oil. >> beautiful. >> and fresh squeezed lemon juice and oregano. >> yep. >> and salt and pepper. i love doing it in macmace -- mn jars. you can just shake it up. >> are you nervous because your mom is watching. >> my mom taught me how to cook. >> oh, ow cute! >> i have to tell you about massage the kale. ben taught me how to massage the
11:43 am
>> takes the bitterness out of it. >> is that true? >> take a piece of kale. take it. taste a little before and after. big difference. >> and a good stress reliever. >> yeah. >> yep. >> and you want to try that? >> i do. i do. >> and the -- >> this one has cheese. >> this one has no cheese. share this. >> old on. >> kath you got to try t. i'm going to try this one. without the cheese. i've got -- that's okay. >> and the salad. >> for this recipe and all the thanksgiving recipes h how about a little music with your meal. >> can't take it. >> a song for us, right after this, and then spanky, give it away tuesday. >> no! >> uh-huh. >> all right. >> all right. bye! ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ?
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. kevin garrett is heating up the music scene with his unique
11:49 am
>> soul. >> artists like katy perry and beyonce calmed him him to co-write and co-produce "pray" opening track off her blockbuster "lemonade." >> incredible. releasing his own music now. called "precious." heard it in rehearsrehearsal. >> you ready? >> definitely crazy. >> beyonce chatting with you, calling you up? >> kevin garrett, everybody. we're excited to hear it. ? ? i wasn't sleeping at all when i saw you leaving ? kept thinking i should have called but you wouldn't see it, oh, no,
11:50 am
i'm up way too late again thinking about what you said ? ? now maybe you were trying to score but i walked right into the fall ? hoping you'd mean it ? ? oh, now we're too far down for closure ? yeah, yeah no, can't you over ? and if you're going, please, baby, when you forget about me ? don't be so precious about it, don't be so precious about it ? and you'll save me, but i'll find a way around it, i'll find a way around it ? don't be so precious about it ? about it ?
11:51 am
because i didn't need it ? she wanted my flesh and bones and i let her keep it oh, no, no ? and i am the one to blame for what's left of me has changed ? there's nothing i would ever show ya ? nobody knows what she knows and i've got some secrets ? oh, now we're too far down for closure ? yeah, no, can't you hear me now that it's over ? and if you're going, please, baby, when you forget about me ? don't be so precious about it, don't be so precious about it ? and you'll save me, but i'll
11:52 am
i'll find a way around it ? don't be so precious about it ? we're holding on to nothing, nothing ? good at running, running, it's okay if i'm the one you're done with ? you're done with but if you're going, please ? baby, when you forget about me don't be so precious about it, don't be so precious about it ? and you'll save me, but i'll find a way around it, i'll find a way around it ? don't be so precious about it and, baby, ooh, when you forget about me ? don't be so precious about it don't be so precious about it ? and you'll save me, i'll find a way around it, i'll find a way around it ? ? don't be so precious about it ?
11:53 am
about it ? >> yeah. kevin! >> oh, whew! love that. thank you, thank you, sean, kevin, all the best. >> kevin, awesome job. >> and five lucky fans and one of them could be you. >> when we give it away. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
11:54 am
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whoa. before we get to the spanky spanky away. >> this week's prize is a smeg two-slice toaster and a smeg blender. worth $399. >> the toaster has two extra wide slots, a back lit function knob. self-centering racks and reprovable stainless steel tray i. want you to retleed, because it's very porno. >> plus the blender, four speed settings, three pre-set
11:57 am
double blade and automatically charges itself. >> so shall we? >> yes. >> why don't you get in here and pick a winner. >> all right, hodi. why not? >> let's do it. >> and the winner is -- sharon calhoun from milford, ohio. >> hoda. >> i got a good one. a great one. hold on. i've got ann glenn from lockport, new york. >> i love her. >> and then i've got. >> who do you have? >> angie williams cody from muskegon, michigan. >> her last name is cody i've got -- jodie villa, from -- from nantigglo, pennsylvania. >> and i have, last one, conner norgen. make sure you enter, we shred the others. >> pick losers, not winners. coming up tomorrow -- actress
11:58 am
>> sarah: super high tides creating some coastal flooding. there is possibly heavy rain on the way as well. >> kris: some questions surrounding patriots tight end rob gronkowski after conflicting reports about a possible injury. brutally attacked after voicing support for donald trump. >> kris: a bombshell ruling in the case made infamous by the netflix documentary "making a murder."
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> sarah: we begin at noon with breaking news. sky 7 over the scene in beverly. a super moon high tide their peak an hour ago. several streets are flooded tlchld this is a look at the radar. showing rain headed our way. we could see some heavy bands of rain before it is all over. thank you for joining us at noon, everybody. i'm sarah french. >> kris: i'm kris anderson. it is definitely expected to get worse before it gets better. possibly in time for the evening commute. >> reporter: well, the good news is that high tide pulled through already at 11:08. we still have rain headed our


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